CAL Newsletter – Please print and distribute!

Here is our latest (and below, previous issues) of the CAL newsletter, if you’re part of an existing campaign or you know about an issue, tell us and we’ll include it in the next issue (and thanks if you’ve already sent us something that we received after this was put together)

As you might expect the Community Action Lewisham Newsletter is pretty much a DIY thing; send in your own articles (or at least tell us what issues you want us to cover), email it to your contacts and print and distribute it physically. We do print some out as a group, but the bulk of the distribution comes from the groups and individuals printing it themselves.

Download June 2010 Newsletter Here!


4 Responses to “CAL Newsletter – Please print and distribute!”

  1. Sue Luxton Says:

    “The Greens going from 6 councillors to one, should make them reflect that people expected more from them than cosy deals.”

    Would you care to explain what you mean by the above sentence in your newsletter? What deals are you talking about?

    My own take on the election results and the feedback from speaking to hundreds of voters on the doorstep is that Greens would have held most if not all of our 6 council seats under a normal local election turnout. Where we struggled was with the extra 30% who vote in general elections but not usually local elections. A high turnout is good of course, but people deciding how to vote in local elections based on national TV coverage of the general election, rather than local issues can produce some slightly quirky results. Hopefully the next local election can be fought on local issues, rather than skewed by TV leaders’ debates.

    • jamestholland Says:

      i don’t want to second guess the author (too much) but i guess it’s a reference to the inevitable deals and compromises you have to get involved in when you get elected into power, so it’s a criticism of the system of representational democracy as much as anything. They may have specific occasions in mind (I’ve heard people criticise some of the green councillors for the way they voted on some important issues) but then it’s natural for people not to like everything a representative does!

      I agree about the real reason that the greens went from 6 to 1 was a tidal wave of fear of the Tories (and their cuts) at a national level, which, unfortunately in my view, also translated into many more people voting Labour in the council elections.

  2. Sue Luxton Says:

    OK, it sounded like something straight out of a Socialist Party newsletter. I think there is great potential for CAL to work with Greens, alongside many other groups over the coming years and months, but that kind of unsubstantiated comment makes CAL come across, rightly or wrongly, as a Socialist Party front.

    • jamestholland Says:

      i think i probably heard some of the things i was referring to from SP people, which is just another reason to try and move beyond tribal party politics, which i’d like to think CAL is, sorry if we drifted into it!
      I Understand why some people like to be associated with a party or other well-defined organisations, and how that often leads you to have a go at another group but we’d like to welcome all those people as individuals to join in fluid and pragmatic campaigns on real issues, and i’m confident that there are loads of people from many organisations who feel the same

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