About Community Action Lewisham

Community Action Lewisham is a new group for anyone who thinks that people and communities should come together to take action for themselves on the things that affect them.

We are an open group supporting the needs of people, community and grassroots organisations against those of the council, government and corporations. At the moment we are working mainly on anti-cuts activity.

We support and participate in local campaigns, spread information and ideas and help create effective ways of working to achieve practical improvements in our everyday lives.

Get in touch with us at communityactionlewisham AT googlemail.com

Follow us on Twitter ( CActionLewisham ) and on Facebook

13 Responses to “About Community Action Lewisham”

  1. Paul Says:

    Given thatthere are two socialist councillors who are anti-cuts, pro-campaigns, and principled councillors – why no link to the socialist party – http://www.socialistparty.org.uk ?

    • jamestholland Says:

      fair comment, i’ve been meaning to get around to adding more links so i’ll add some links in to ian and chris as well as to some others.


  2. alex Says:

    hi there, came across your website while looking for community based projects in lewisham, well done for creating the group and hope it achieves the purposes it was created for. too bad i will be moving out of lewisham soon, too many social problems. have you seen the prices of a renting a private property recently ?

    • jamestholland Says:

      thanks – housing is going to be one of our main campaigns, why not come to our meeting on wednesday and help us decide what / how to work on – think of it as a parting gift to the borough 🙂

  3. Patrick Says:

    As a local person fighting Lewisham against privatisation of housing services for the last 4 years many people in Brockley oppose the Mayors idea to sell of our homes and the privatisation of council services. Well done for being active in Lewisham. Maybe drop me a line and we can talk further about housing.


  4. Pravjey Says:

    Oh great, I am seeing this website for the first time on Thursday 6 May. Will definitely try to come to the next meeting. Just wondered though…are you only dealing with issues in Lewisham?

    • jamestholland Says:

      no problem, come next month, or you could join the email list, send us an email if you want to do that

  5. Neil Pearce Says:

    So, where were these ‘good quality social rented homes’ that have been demolished for ‘bankers who commute to Canary Wharf’?
    Can you elaborate?

    • jamestholland Says:

      The development we are referring to is Loampit Vale. the 2 plots of land currently being developed either side of Elmira street were previously occupied by sensible sized blocks of council housing, these were demolished and the tenants moved out. The replacement plans contain no democratically controlled, securely tenured social rented housing suitable for those who are currently on council waiting lists. Instead it has the new definition of social housing (essentially private rented provided by RSLs) and ‘affordable’ to buy which is of course only ‘affordable’ to those that can afford to buy (or even want to) the flats are also mostly of a small size (1 and 2 bed) as these are the most profitable, but not useful to the many people who are currently housed in unsuitably cramped conditions.

  6. Voice of the people Says:

    From your intro I can see that this is socialist nonsense (bankers = bad, social housing and LA schools must be saved even when they are poor quality, etc.) so not the sort of group to which any of the local community groups I’m involved in would want to join. Working WITH the Council and others is the way forward, not working AGAINST everyone in some kind of constant conspiracy paranoia.

    • jamestholland Says:

      We want to work with anyone who supports the interests and needs of people. obviously there’s different opinions about what exactly these needs are and how best to fulfill them, but i personally believe that the council has generally shown itself not to do this. Which groups are you involved with? we would like to include them in our newsletter and support them, we aren’t asking for groups to ‘join’ simply to tell us what they are working on and for us to help if we can.

  7. Fiona Says:

    Hello James
    I too have just checked my emails for Honor Oak Park Action Group and seen this site. Good luck with the meeting. I set up HOPAG a couple of years ago with a friend and we just intended to improve the area around our station. Which we did with some success. I have been away for 6 months and just moved back but now nearer Crofton Park station. The station is poorly kept, very dirty and feels unsafe. (Some friends out for the day in kent reported human excrement on the platform recently). Terrible. So I feel some action is needed. Would appreciate your thoughts and would love to know if anyone out there feels the same way. If you do please write to me at hopagroup@gmail.com. Fiona

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