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Why all SE london activists should be involved in social centre plus (old deptford job centre)

April 3, 2011

Social Centre Plus is a social centre in the old Deptford job centre. It’s explicitly a space for a anti-cuts organising but it’s also a place for people from the area to come to, or put on, events as well as a really nice place to hang out and chat.

But I think in many ways this description doesn’t do it justice. If we are to succeed beyond fighting the current round of cuts into the long term then we need to build strong communities and have free, democratically controlled spaces where all the things that people need can happen. In the short term as well a space like SCP is somewhere activists can mix and talk with people who are going to be affected by the cuts (IE everyone!) and over time break down the barrier between ‘activists’ and ‘ordinary people’ which still exists. This is very difficult to do through sporadic encounters while canvassing, handing out a flyer or the other brief conversations where the activist has a specific goal to persuade or recruit. A space like SCP means that people can spend extended periods of time doing all the things a community needs to do – cooking, meetings, watching films, learning etc building up not just resources of skills and ideas but a pool of solidarity that we are going to rely on if things continue the way they are.

Watching a film or chatting over a cup of tea may not seem particularly important, but it may just be among the most radical and effective actions you can take right now.

SCP general meetings are sundays 5- 6.30 and thursday 7-8.30 and everyone is always welcome.