CAL ‘Launch’ Press Release

Press release

New Lewisham community group wants to hear about your issues and work together to solve them

Community Action Lewisham is a new group for anyone who thinks that people and communities should take action for themselves on the things that affect them, rather than relying on politicians. They are launching with a request for the people of the borough to tell them their concerns, problems, the things they want changed and work together to achieve them – whether you’re in an existing campaign that wants to find new ideas and support or you’re the only one that knows about an issue and want to start something, we want to hear from you. Because unless we work together the prospects for ordinary people, in this post-election era of cuts, could be bleak.

CAL spokesperson James Holland said “Elections are supposed to be the way people get things changed but things seem to have changed for the worse. We know that people have many issues relating to housing, education, planning, benefits and many other things and also many concerns about how the coming cuts will affect them. Community Action Lewisham think that these cuts are not necessary (it’s not our crisis and we don’t see why we should pay for it) but we’re not going to beg for them to stop the cuts either, instead we’re going to organise ourselves and take control.“

James Holland continued “A choice once every few years between 2 or 3 very similar and massively simplified packages of options isn’t democracy. Especially as governments and councils only ever act within the strait jacket of what is ‘good for the economy’ (by which they mean the already rich and powerful). We think that people and communities should just do the things they know need doing.”

This is a really good time to get involved in the group as they are discussing and deciding what issues to work on and how. They already have lots of ideas (including fighting for decent housing for everyone and exposing what passes for democracy in Lewisham) but want you to get involved to tell them about the issues you care about. Come along to their regular meetings (contact them for details)


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