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Elections themselves are the real problem, not just the system of voting

May 9, 2010

Elections treat people as if they’re stupid, like all we can handle is a choice once every few years between 2 or 3 very similar and massively simplified packages of options.
And on the very rare occasion that it becomes accepted that the result is no longer legitimate or right, the best we can hope for is to repeat the process. Along with this, the people and organisations with real power are never on the ballot papers – the power of corporations, civil servants and the international financial markets set the constraints on the policies that get into the manifestos and the whole outlook of the politicians and their parties.

And while I welcome a proportional voting system, it isn’t going to make much difference, it might mean there’s more of a choice of packages, but we’ll probably still end up with the same kind of lowest common denominator government (albeit one formed from a wider spread) which operates in a vacuum totally isolated from real people. The only real difference will be that more opinions will be heard in criticism of the government (including from the far right)